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We’re collecting tours and objects for our travel platform!

Passion to travel, create, share and earn

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Passion to travel

We want to awaken your passion to travel, to establish a strong connection between fellow travelers, to create a platform for solo-traveling people.

Our LegeGo has unique content – the exclusive stories, tours, and attractions will be created by bloggers, tour guides and operators, and other travelers. 


Tools to create

Tools included in the platform: photo editors and video editors, interactive storytelling solutions, an e-book, AI features, a map and a virtual marketplace.

LegeGo platform has artificial intelligence solutions: voice and sound systems, innovative solutions, Unity Multi-Language System (localization). It means that your written and audio texts can be automatically presented to the user in different languages.

In the platform you will be able to purchase content from bloggers – unique virtual guided tours and with our special planner you will be able to arrange your travel tours on a special map and travel comfortably.

A special planner in the platform will allow you to plan your trip better. On a special map with your finger scrolling, you will be able to choose from the free objects offered and from those previously purchased in the platform. You will have to save the selected objects in your profile. And from them, you will be able to create your tour. Possible variants of tours or points of interest will be offered. The created tour will not be public and shared with others – it will be stored in your profile for personal use.

Curious about what you can create with our
platform script tools? Here's a quick example

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Community to share

We will change our travel habits, bring together like-minded people who have the pleasure of traveling and like traveling individually or together, love to discover new places.

Give free access via QR code to specific users and share your experience with others now. Or share via social networks (“Facebook”, “Instagram”, “LinkedIn”, “Twitter” and etc.).

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Marketplace to earn

It’s a unique way to make money while traveling or having free time. Once you’ve created tours or objects, you can sell them.

Travelers can purchase tours and see routes on a map with your created tours and routes. They can also purchase individual objects and create routes on the platform and on the WEB.

People will have the opportunity to “purchase” your unique experience: videos, photos, e. books, audio guides, descriptions of the tour and objects too. 



Welcome to LegeGo

Our vision is to develop a platform that is suitable for self-sufficient travelers. To help to become a part of the travelling community: explore the world, other cultures, find like-minded people and other travelers.


Worldwide opportunity

We are launching in 22 countries. We invite you to choose which countries you'd like to explore together.

Countries we cover



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