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A food art & travel photographer Estefano combines travel & culinary photography

After 25 years of experience in hospitality and gastronomy, the food art and travel photographer Estefano Onactrac thought it was time to further develop his passions. So, he combined travel and culinary photography. Estefano is also a publisher of cooking and storytelling books. His latest work is upcoming – “The new flavours of Greece” will be a vegetarian cooking and storytelling book. Estefano loves exploring destinations with a focus on food and getting interesting spots in the front of his lens. On Legego, you will be able to create or purchase virtual travel tours and objects in 8 different categories. There will also be food travel.

Estefano was born in the Netherlands, he had photography as a hobby as well as cooking, but he decided to go to the hotel school. “So, I have been working in different countries, as there was change within a hotel group I worked for, I started my second career as photographer with focus on food and travel”. Now Estefano is traveling and capturing moments, focusing on different photography themes. He enjoys going on photography trips specifically focused on food.

© Image Estefano Onatrac by Astrid Steckel

You can call Estefano a real passionate traveler and food lover. On several blogs, Estefano talks about food through photography, combines food and art, and shares his experiences of food trips. With the photo diary “People behind Food” you can take a look behind the scenes of the chefs and where the products come from. The photo diary “People behind Food” contains the complete pictures, from the recipe to the work of art on the plate.

Also, you can be inspired by the beautiful photography of Estefano culinary journeys. His photography is based by storytelling. Every picture has its own story. And Estefano is a great storyteller. He can show you the entire process, from ingredients to the culinary picture on your plate, where the ingredients come from and how these ingredients are made.

© Image by Estefano Onatrac

“Capturing the country, I am visiting, to create cherished memories. For 2024 I will do something new, so called “Slow Photography”, like slow food. It means focusing on books and print, as people should take more time for a picture as just rushing through a smartphone or tablet. Print is more than just a piece of paper, it’s a story with a lot of impact”, Estefano shared his future plans.

© Image by Estefano Onatrac

“From a concept idea Legego is an interesting travel platform. For me the interactivity of the trip with sense and simplicity”, Estefano is very positive about the upcoming platform Legego. On Legego, you will be able to create or purchase virtual travel tours and objects in 8 different categories, including food travel.

Join Estefano on his culinary journey and enjoy photography.

© Image by Estefano Onatrac

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