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A guide Alesia: “Prague should become a fairy tale for you!”

Among European capitals, Prague boasts the continent’s best-preserved historic center. With its magnificence and historical heritage, the city of Prague has inspired many famous writers. Once you have walked through the beautiful streets of Prague, it is guaranteed that you will want to come back here again and again. A guide Alesia from Prague will show you the best city’s gems. 

Alesia is a local guide from Prague, working since 2011. “Even though I have a guide’s license, I lead the tours as a person who is in love with the city. Prague should become a fairy tale for you! Impressive city! Memories for all life!”, Alesia with passion talks about Prague and the fabulous aura of the city. 

Alesia has visited Peru, Iceland, India, Singapore, Malta, Italy, Spain, Himalaya, Albania, etc. She loves feeling and seeing totally different cultures, but Alesia is in love with Prague where she can offer you special travel tours as a guide. For example, “My first Prague”, “I’ve been already. Surprise me”, “Evening Prague” and “Prague by car”.

Private Walking Tour in Prague

You will see the best gems of Prague on this tour:

  • Observation deck to see old Prague from the top of the hill;

  • Narrow cobbled streets of medieval town;

  • Old churches: St. Vit, st. Jacob, St. Nicholas, church of Týn;

  • Old Town Square;

  • Astronomical old watch (with special performance);

  • Charles bridge;

  • Prague Castle.

“Let me introduce you my Prague: mysterious and fabulous”, Alesia invites you to explore Prague. Are you ready?

More information about Alesia you can find there:


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