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A tour guide Stefan from Sweden: “It's fantastic that Legego has tools such as photo and video editors as well as interactive storytelling solutions”

Have you ever been in Sweden? A tour guide Stefan Maurbakken from Sweden can help you exploring new cultures, historical landmarks, and natural wonders more. After more than 20 years as a tour guide abroad in various countries, he moved home to Sweden in 2011. After working at various travel agencies as a producer of trips abroad, he has been working on his own for just over 5 years. As an authorized tourist guide in Swedish, English and Italian in Stockholm, Uppsala and his hometown Västerås, Stefan also arranges exciting and enriching activities and city walks.

We know that a tour guide bridges the gap between tourists and locals, acting as a great cultural ambassador. They can introduce you to the customs, traditions, and et., allowing for a deeper understanding for the local culture. As s tour guide, Stefan can offer you various travel tours: “Gamla Stan – the Old town”, “Linnaeus in Uppsala”, “Stockholm archipelago”, “Biking tour with guide”, “Gripsholm and Mariefred”, “Guided Art Walks”, “Hammarby Sjöstad”, “Royal Palace of Stockholm” etc. 

Stefan is a very curious and passionate guide, a trained professional who possesses an in-depth knowledge of the destination he is guiding in. Stefan travels a lot and expands his view too. What fascinates him about traveling? “The meeting with people from different cultures, religions, and traditions. The opportunity to learn something new as a curious person. To travel is to broaden one's horizons,” said Stefan and remembered his first real traveling experience. “My first real wow experience was when I came to Cairo and Egypt. The amount of people, crazy traffic and many buildings was one thing. But it was the Egyptian story that knocked me out.”

A tour guide Stefan isn’t a typical traveler. He loves discovering new places and the highlights of the places. “I have a hard time lying still for more than a day on a trip. I want to discover and see what is around the corner from my accommodation. I want to discover the highlights of the place, famous and lesser known. I like adventure, but not something extreme. I like cycling in Delhi, staying in tree hotels and taking the subway to a foreign place. It may tickle but must not be associated with danger. If there is an opportunity to include experiences in nature with or without yoga, it raises the whole. But the most important thing is food and drink in combination preferably with a good laugh with new friends,” shared Stefan of his traveling experience with a smile.

Also, Stefan has a clear opinion about Legego. “I think it's fantastic that there are tools such as photo and video editors as well as interactive storytelling solutions. So, cool that AI can help with text-to-voice system and localization in many languages,” said Stefan and admitted that Legego gives the user many opportunities to have an experience presented to him and in his language. 

So, let’s explore Sweden with Legego soon and find hidden gems with Stefan too.

About Legego 

The start-up Legego is creating the revolutionary travel platform aiming to reinvent the way people travel. The Legego team consists of marketing and communications experts, programmers, researchers, media managers, illustrators, 3D graphic design and multimedia specialists, and UX designers. We want to awaken passion to travel, to establish a strong connection between fellow travelers, and to create a platform for solo-traveling people. 

The travel platform Legego is set to launch soon, and you will be able to purchase travel tours too.

All pictures belong to Stefan.



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