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Coming soon: one of the LegeGo tours ✈️

Have you thought about your first tour or object in the new travel platform LegeGo? Are you ready to express your passion to travel, to create fascinating stories, to share your experience with others and to start earning from your travels? The revolutionary new travel platform LegeGo is coming soon! Join us.

We’d love to introduce you to one of the volunteers of the LegeGo creative workshops. Laura is a blogger, has been studying Tourism & Hotel Management, she’s studying Creative industries at VILNIUS TECH Faculty of Creative Industries now.

Laura actively joined us and started thinking about her first tour in our travel platform LegeGo. A few years ago, Laura moved from Kaunas to live in Vilnius. In her opinion, Užupis, St. Anne’s Church and Bernardine Gardens are the most beautiful places to visit in Vilnius. So, Laura has shared that her first tour will be an adventure around Vilnius, so that everyone can get to know the city she loves.

Užupis the smallest district in Vilnius and is separated from the Old Town by the Vilnelė River. This place is famous for its open-air sculptures and installations, artists’ studios and galleries. Užupis – it’s a place full of creativity, fun, and new stories.

St. Anne's Church – is a great example of both Flamboyant Gothic and Brick Gothic styles. There are lots of legends about church. One of them – how Napoleon wanted to take the church back with him to Paris in his palm. The St. Anne's Church is already an inseparable symbol of Vilnius.

Bernardine Garden – is a beautiful botanical exhibition, which commemorates the Vilnius University Botanical Gardens that once grew here in the 18th century and were the largest in Eastern Europe. The Bernadine Garden is also home to the oldest oak tree in Vilnius, which is approximately 400 years old. Just take a walk and feel the cozy atmosphere.

We cannot wait to share LegeGo with you.

All photos are by © Laura



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