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Coming soon: the tour “Magnificent Egypt: Sense of Freedom in Sinai” 🐫

We’re collecting tours and objects for our travel platform LegeGo now! We’re so excited to share one of the coming soon tour “Magnificent Egypt: Sense of Freedom in Sinai” of “Amberturas Tour Operator”. It’s a great LegeGo tour to explore magnificent Egypt. The tour “Magnificent Egypt: Sense of Freedom in Sinai” will consist of engaging stories, great pictures, and videos, and many more.

Closed canyon

Closed canyon is a wonderful area. It’s carved between the Ein Kudara Oasis and Wadi Ghazala, it starts with a small crack in a sandstone range running between steep vertical walls.

Old rocks are carved by winds, rugged mountains, and hidden canyons in a great Sinai desert.

But at the end of the Closed canyon path, visitors come to an open magnificent area with huge walls where they can rest and enjoy the Closed canyon. Can find harmony in Closed canyon area.


“Strange looking, interesting and ancient buildings, in the middle of nowhere”, – all people said about Nawamis. Nawamis are circular prehistoric stone tombs located in the Sinai desert of Egypt, Yemen and Oman. Some authorities believe that the stone structures are older than pyramids.

The Mahroom area: sandstone eroded mountains

The Mahroom mountains, which means "a hole" in Arabic. They are like a knit – mounds formed by the wind and sand. One person can see the silhouette of a crocodile, others – a dragon or a dinosaur. White stone inclusions, pinkish, yellowish, and dark stones enliven the horizon. The Mahroom area a placed where you can find harmony and can come back with new experiences.

Haduda (Hadada) sand dune

The word “hadada” in Arabic means “destroyed”. And it’s true, because the wind blows the sand from all sides and piles up sand ridges. The sand is particularly loose, shimmering, because it contains quartz, like “diamond” particles. The wind, the preserved silhouettes of the lava-colored mountains stir the imagination. The special Haduda (Hadada) sand dune and harmony can bring you more into your imagination.

Are you ready to create exciting stories, to discover lots of new places and to breathe in the power of nature?

We can’t wait to share the tour “Magnificent Egypt: Sense of Freedom in Sinai” with you!

The LegeGo tour “Magnificent Egypt: Sense of Freedom in Sinai” – coming soon.



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