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Coming soon: the tour “The River Nemunas: Fascinating Stories” ⛵

The mysterious river Nemunas welcomes the most amazing travelers who can tell enticing stories. All you have to do is settle down quietly and comfortably. See how the dragonflies are waving their graceful wings and invite you to create an adventure together.

We present to you one of the coming soon tour “The River Nemunas: Fascinating Stories” of “Nemo Travel”. The tour will consist of engaging stories, great pictures, and videos, and many more.

Raft Nemo

„Welcome to raft Nemo!“, – raft's captain Renatas with his loyal crew greet each traveler enthusiastically. Captain Renatas can tell you lots of stories about everything. Usually – funny stories that make you smile all day. Sit back, make yourself comfortable and find yourself a nice place on Nemo.

What is an early summer morning without swimming in the river Nemunas? Eating food made with love by the great chef Daiva – her meals please even the pickiest tastes. What about cozy evenings in front of a campfire? Nemo’s bath master Egidijus will tell you about the traditions of the old Lithuanian baths. He will lead you on a journey of relaxing scents and deep feelings. Your journey will be captured by June, she was so fascinated by the beauty of Lithuania and the adventures on the river Nemunas and decided to get to know Lithuania better. Let Nemo's raft make your adventure even more breathtaking.

Alytus Mound

The hundreds of years old Alytus Mound is the witness of the town foundation. There are a lot of legends about the mound itself. One of the legends is about love and the origin of the name of the town. Once upon a time Mirgrausele and Alyta lived there. They fell in love with each other. When Mirgrausele found out about the death of Alyta, she cried her eyes out so that her tears turned into a runlet and started to run into the river Nemunas. Old people say that even today the runlet of Mirgrausele tears flows into the Nemunas and those who take a sip of the runlet water fall in love or start loving even stronger.

The town of Alytus was named after Alyta. A promising panorama of the town, the river Nemunas will make you fall in love like it’s the first time.

St. Trinity’s Church in Rumbonys

A small wooden church has the elements of folk architecture. It‘s St. Trinity’s Church in Rumbonys, like a small wooden copy of the Cathedral of Vilnius. St. Trinity’s Church in Rumbonys has classicism elements too. The church is rectangular with an apse on three walls, four portico pillars, sacristy, triangular pediment and a cross on the roof. The interior of St. Trinity’s Church in Rumbonys is decorated by traditional ornaments, which are breathtaking. Near Rumbonys church, in the cemetery stands a unique monument – a white marble monument – tomb of Countess Jadvyga Korevaitė that was declared a republican monument of art.

You can climb onto Rumbonys Mound. According to the legend, there was a castle on the mound with secret underground caves in the basement stretching even underneath the Nemunas river. St. Trinity’s Church in Rumbonys fascinates with its sacred cosiness and tranquillity, historical secrets and seriousness.

White Rose Bridge (for pedestrians and cyclists)

White Rose Bridge – is Lithuania's highest pedestrian and bicycle bridge. It’s 38,1 m high and 240,52 m long. This unique bridge connects two bicycle paths on both banks of the Nemunas river. While admiring the rich panorama of Alytus, it’s possible to take a walk or cross the bridge on a bicycle. Near the bridge, there is a recreation area with walking trails, arbours and places for a bonfire. When standing on the bridge, a panoramic view of the town opens and lets you discover it even better.

The modern-day bridge is popular among not only romantic people but enthusiasts of extreme entertainment. Bungee jumping from the bridge has been organised there for some time.

We can’t wait to share the tour “The River Nemunas: Fascinating Stories” with you!

The LegeGo tour “The River Nemunas: Fascinating Stories” – coming soon.



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