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Decoding Legego: the meaning behind the innovative travel platform

Legego – is an innovative travel platform that aims to reinvent the way we travel. Have you ever wondered what the Legego brand name means, and how does it encapsulate the essence of our visionary brand?

At its core, Legego is more than just a name; it's a blend of concepts that reflect the brand's mission and spirit. Let's break it down:

Lege: is related to our motto “Inspire the motion!”. Legego invites travelers to dive into adventures deliberately and thoughtfully. It symbolizes the curated experiences and choices available through the platform.

Ego: in this context, “ego” represents the individual traveler – the “I” or self of any person. Legego recognizes that each traveler is unique, with distinct preferences, interests, and aspirations. The platform celebrates this individuality by offering personalized travel experiences tailored to each user.

Go: a simple yet powerful word that embodies movement, action, and exploration. Whether it's a journey to a far-off destination or a local escapade, “go” encourages travelers to embark on their next adventure with confidence and enthusiasm.

”Legego is a platform for self-expression that allows everyone to awaken their passion to travel, create unique travel experiences, share them with others, and earn from their travels”, says the founder and CEO of Legego, associate professor Živilė Šimkienė.

Together, Legego forms a cohesive narrative: it's about empowering travelers to make informed choices (“lege”), celebrating their individuality and preferences (“ego”), and inspiring them to embark on meaningful journeys (“go”).

Inspire the motion

The motto “Inspire the motion!” serves as a guiding principle for Legego. It encapsulates the brand’s dedication to igniting a sense of excitement, curiosity, and discovery in every traveler. Through innovative technology and a deep understanding of user needs, Legego aims to transform the travel experience into something more than just a trip – it's about creating lasting memories and meaningful connections.

Join us on the journey

As Legego continues to innovate and expand its offerings, we invite you to join us on this journey. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler, a passionate explorer, or someone eager to make a mark in the travel industry, there’s a place for you at Legego.

Legego isn’t just a name – it’s a passion to travel, create, share and earn. Embrace your unique journey, explore the world on your terms, share moments with others, create memories that last a lifetime and earn from your travels.

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