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Discover Stockholm’s rich past with Sweden History Tours: over 10 000 happy guests!

If you're a history enthusiast or simply a traveler with a curious mind, Sweden History Tours offers a unique and captivating way to delve into the rich tapestry of Stockholm’s past. From Viking legends to medieval tales, Sweden is a country steeped in history, and there’s no better way to explore it than through immersive, guided tours and feel Stockholm vibes.

Sweden History Tours, the guides company, was founded in 2015. Jonathan Olsson, the founder, gathered local guides to showcase the rich history to travelers. All the company’s guides are authorized in the areas they guide, ensuring you get a premium experience.

 During the company life there are over 10 000 happy guests

Sweden History Tours’ focus and goal are to take you out of Stockholm or Uppsala to experience the countryside and the real Sweden. You visit places where history actually happened: grave fields, Viking assembly sites, runestones, burial mounds, medieval churches, ruins, bridges, and the beautiful countryside nature. Additionally, Sweden History Tours offers various city walks in Stockholm and Uppsala, complementing your out-of-the-city experiences.


Viking tour


Viking tour is the most popular tours of Sweden History Tours. One of the most fascinating aspects of Sweden’s history is its Viking heritage. Sweden History Tours provides an in-depth look into this era, transporting you back to a time when Vikings roamed the land and seas. These tours often include visits to ancient burial mounds, rune stones, and Viking villages. Expert guides share gripping stories of Viking warriors, explorers, and traders, bringing to life the sagas and myths that have shaped Sweden’s identity.

Learn about 1 000 years old rune stones with guide Jonathan Olsson


Explore the beautiful Swedish countryside and follow us to several Viking sites. Learn about 1000 years old rune stones, hear fascinating facts about famous Vikings.


The Royal tour and Medieval church history tour


Sweden boasts numerous unique castles, palaces, and churches preserved from various historical periods. You can explore Sweden's historic buildings during the Royal tour and Medieval church history tour. So, step into a cool medieval church during a hot summer or seek shelter from the raging elements of nature during autumn or winter. Be enchanted by its magnificent beauty, with painted roofs adorned with colors dating back to the 1480s. Immerse yourself in the stories behind the paintings and Swedish medieval life.

Sweden is unique regarding its medieval churches


On the Royal castle tour, you can enjoy some of Sweden’s most beautiful castles and palaces on a day trip from Stockholm. You can have the opportunity to visit three unique, distinguished, and very different castles and palaces on this tour.


Sweden is unique regarding its medieval churches, as the Reformation was mild here, preserving medieval statues and wall paintings. On this special interest tour, you can experience Sweden’s uniquely preserved medieval churches, spanning from the late 12th century until today.


Stockholm city tours, Transported private tours and City walks


Having an experienced guide with you in Stockholm enhances your overall experience significantly. Our certified tourist guides have conducted guided tours in Stockholm for many years, ensuring you receive expert guidance and insight during your city walks.

Old town of Stockholm

Enjoy exclusive theme-focused city walks not offered anywhere else. All walking tours are small group tours and can also be booked as private tours upon request. Alternatively, opt for a private minibus tour lasting 3 hours through Stockholm, Sweden’s capital. Delve into both the renowned and lesser-known yet equally captivating sights, learning and experiencing the rich tapestry of the city.


Explore the hidden histories behind the walls of Gamla Stan, the charming old town of Stockholm.


Book your adventure today


Embark on a historical adventure like no other with Sweden History Tours. Whether you’re a history buff, a culture lover, or simply someone looking to experience Stockholm and Sweden in a unique way, these tours offer an unforgettable journey through time.


Discover the stories, explore the sites, and experience the history that has shaped Stockholm into the remarkable capital it is today. Sweden History Tours is on the way to offer you more fascinating tours.


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