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Gallery full of travel moments? Turn them into money

Join Legego's workshop. We are excited to guide you through the tour creation process and all its details from start to finish.

This session will help you fully understand our platform, making it easier for you to create your digital tours smoothly. In the training session, we'll cover:

• copywriting,

• video and photo editing,

• tour categories,

• keywords.

Then, during the workshop, you'll get to upload your tour with the help of our team member guiding you live.

To make the most of these sessions, for each travel object you plan to feature in your tour, we encourage you to prepare:

• destination (3500 characters) and activity (1750 characters) descriptions,

• 17 photos,

• short videos (minimum 4 minutes each).

While this may seem like a lot, aim to gather media for at least three destinations, as this is the minimum requirement for tour publication.

Are you ready to create your travel tour now?

Reserve your date for workshops now

The top 3 travel tours will win special Legego's advertising packages to supercharge their marketing efforts!

  • Global social media advertising;

  • Google Ads campaign in 22 countries;

  • Maximizing newsletter impact.

Your created tour can reach 300 000 people per campaign and bring you about up to 700 EUR.



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