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Join Legego’s workshops: first impressions from participants

The idea for Legego’s workshops was born out of a passion to empower individuals to create immersive and engaging digital travel tours. We recognized the importance of providing hands-on training and guidance to our users, ensuring they had the knowledge and skills needed to bring their travel experiences to life. 

First Legego’s workshops participants gathered to learn the ins and outs of tour creation. From the basics of storytelling to the technical aspects of video editing, each session was designed to provide a comprehensive overview of our platform and its capabilities.

Join workshops, then create travel tours

“I would recommend joining the workshops before creating the tours, because it will help speed up getting things quicker. It also helps to know very clearly what needs to be done. So, my recommendation would be to join workshops before tours are being put on the platform. In hindsight, I wish I had done this earlier”, a guide William Edward Morrow from Helsinki shares his first impressions from the Legego’s workshop. 

Legego will show the beauty of the Ignalina district 

“My other colleagues told me that the previous Legego’s workshop was very good, actually, with all the information, everything was interesting, and participants understood everything that they needed to do. 

We have some tours on our website of Ignalina district tourist information center that people can visit and activities they can do in the Ignalina district, so maybe we will adapt some of these tours for Legego”, says the team of Ignalina district tourist information center: director Joana Lichadziauskienė and tourism manager Rasa Turlienė.

Workshops help answer questions


“The main reason I joined the workshop was primarily to learn more about how the videos work and what is expected of them. This is the first platform I have worked with that has made such a request. I find it quite interesting, as it adds a lot of value to what people will be purchasing”, admits a guide William Edward Morrow.

Legego’s workshops are designed to equip you with all the tools and knowledge you need to create engaging and professional digital tours.

Reserve your date for workshops now

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Your created tour can reach 300 000 people per campaign and bring you about up to 700 EUR.

Our workshops are designed to equip you with all the tools and knowledge you need to create engaging and professional digital tours.

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