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LegeGo creative workshops have started! 🥳

We are so excited to tell you about the start of new adventures and introduce the new members who have joined LegeGo! Our workshops were created in partnership with VILNIUS TECH LinkMenų fabrikas and we welcome students from management, digital marketing and copywriting to join LegeGo to advance their knowledge with the help of experts in their fields.

About LegeGo creative workshops

There students will learn about management from the experts, and how to tell travel stories more attractively and catch the audience’s eye. They will see how we create “LegeGo” digital marketing campaigns, and they will do that too. Students will test how to measure the effectiveness of digital marketing, how management can effectively communicate with the target audience and how they can participate in the “LegeGo” platform and community.

Become a part of the “LegeGo” platform. Send us an email

About us

We started “LegeGo” in 2020. Our team consists of marketing experts, programmers, researchers, communications and media managers, illustrators, 3D graphic design and multimedia specialists, UX designers. “LegeGo” – the revolutionary new travel platform aiming to reinvent the way people travel.



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