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Legego solutions for B2B: for tour operators and guides

The upcoming travel platform Legego is also focused on B2B (business-to-business) to establish a strong traveling community. We also offer an opportunity to increase earned income with us for tour operators and guides and who’s working in accommodation or catering services. According to new data, 960 million tourists travelling internationally last year (in 2022), meaning two-thirds (66%) of pre-pandemic numbers were recovered. The size of the tourism market is growing and will be. So, the travel platform Legego can provide better ways for the tourism sector – for tour operators and guides. To create and sell virtual guides globally and upload for free. It will be accessible to users internationally.

Financial independence & Entrepreneurship

Tour operators, guides and who’s working in accommodation or catering services will be able to create tours or objects and sell virtual guides on the Legego travel platform globally. Our tour operators, guides, bloggers will be able to create and upload information for free on Legego. And get income from the sales of virtual guides.

Also, the platform will have the option of live chat, when people will be interested in services.

On Legego there will be an innovative Marketplace where users will be able to see their sale statistics – how many users bought the tour or object, how much money has been made, what is the tour and object involvement. 24/7 statistics and easy to reach for all users.


We offer an opportunity to create a strong traveler’s community with Legego. It can bring together like-minded people who have the pleasure of traveling and like traveling individually or together, love to discover new places. Different members of the community will complement each other. For example – someone who likes to travel with family or alone, explore new places or dive into adventures.

Revolutionary & Advantage

On Legego innovative solutions with strong breakthrough: voice and sound systems and Unity Multi-Language System (localization), photo editors and video editors, interactive storytelling solutions, an e-book, AI features, a map will help to express experience more.

Legego has the unique search system it will allow to focus on individual characteristics of the person and physical activity.

Are you a tour operator or guide? Let’s talk about collaboration:

About Legego

The start-up Legego is creating the revolutionary new travel platform aiming to reinvent the way people travel. The Legego team consists of marketing and communications experts, programmers, researchers, media managers, illustrators, 3D graphic design and multimedia specialists, UX designers. We want to awaken people passion to travel, to establish a strong connection between fellow travelers, to create a platform for solo-traveling people.



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