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Legego – The Unique App for Self-Sufficient Travelers📱

Nowadays we know that traveling people need time to choose and select where to travel because there is a huge amount of information, and it’s widely spread. Travel operators and travel influencers don’t have a virtual marketplace. So LegeGo can help you to create professional tours. Did you know that photo & video editors, lots of AR features & QR codes you can find in one app – it’s LegeGo. Passion to travel, create, share and earn.


LegeGo it’s passion to travel, to establish a strong connection between fellow travelers. The app has unique content – the exclusive stories, tours, and attractions will be created by bloggers, tour guides and operators, and other travelers. You don’t have to be a real creator, just tell your story, recommend what to see, what to do, what to explore.

LegeGo is a great way to start traveling or explore new adventures.


Wow! LegeGo has so many tools. Can you believe it? Professional photo editors and video editors will make your stories and travels more exciting, more amus

ing. Lots of interactive storytelling solutions will help you to express your story better.

Augmented reality (AR) features let you to superimpose digital content (images, sounds, text) over a real-world environment. It helps you to enhance that world in any number of ways via digital overlays. Superimposing images, digital information and/or 3D models, inserting labels, changing colors and etc.

On the LegeGo you will find voice and sound systems, innovative solutions, Unity Multi-Language System (localization). It means that your written and audio texts can be automatically presented to the user in different languages.

Also, a special planner in the app will allow you to plan your trip better. On a special map with your finger scrolling, you will be able to choose from the free objects offered and from those previously purchased in the app. You will have to save the selected objects in your profile. And from them, you will be able to create your tour.


You will have a free access via QR code to specific users and share your experience with others now.

Or share via social networks (“Facebook”, “Instagram”, “LinkedIn”, “Twitter” and etc.). open your social networks and show how you adore traveling. Let the whole world now about you and your experience!


LegeGo knows how to make money while traveling or having free time. Once you’ve created tours or objects, you can sell them. It’s a unique way to earn some money.

People will have the opportunity to “purchase” your unique experience: videos, photos, e. books, audio guides, descriptions of the tour and objects too.

LegeGo will be available in 22 countries. We invite you to choose which countries you'd like to explore together. The USA? Canada? Spain? Germany? Italy? India? Greece? Finland? Or Lithuania?

We just launched our crowdfunding campaign! Contribute to: .

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