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Let's celebrate together! 🥳

The 7th of September is so important for us. It’s the LegeGo birthday! We are counting our 2 birthday, our second years full of works, adventures and happiness. Creating the LegeGo travel platform means a lot to us. During these years we’ve done a lot.

We’ve assembled a great team of: marketing experts, programmers, researchers, communications and media managers, illustrators, 3D graphic design and multimedia specialists, UX designers.

We’ve researched all travel market.

We’ve analyzed your needs.

During our travels, we’ve searched for the best places for you.

We’ve communicated with lots of scientists because we want to make you the unique travel platform – the LegeGo.

We’ve chosen a breathtaking platform design with innovative solutions.

We’ve created an artificial intelligence (AI) assistant and a planner for you. So you will be able to travel comfortably, create your travel stories, share them with others, and become part of a harmonious community.

Photo editors and video editors will make your travels more special.

Interactive storytelling solutions will impress you and others.

You will be able to have a virtual marketplace and a unique search system based on individual characteristics and physical activity.

We cannot wait to show you our innovative travel platform. Stay tuned for more about us! We have so much to tell you.

Thank you for being with us, with LegeGo.

We will release the LegeGo platform on December, 2022.



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