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Special FREE Training Session “Travel and Earn - A Unique Opportunity Just for You!” 😉

Join the unique FREE opportunity to learn about the unique Legego app. Special training session "Travel and Earn - A Unique Opportunity Just For You!" is waiting for you.

Dates, times and languages available:

June 7th. 16.00 h. (EET. GMT+3) (Lithuanian)

June 14th. 10.00 h. (EET. GMT+3) (Lithuanian)

June 15 th. 16.00 h. (EET. GMT+3) (English)

June 21th. 10.00 h. (EET. GMT+3) (Lithuanian)

June 21 st. 16.00 h. (EET. GMT+3) (English)

All training sessions are FREE.

Don't miss out on an amazing opportunity!

Can't wait to see you there.



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