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The finalists of the "European Sails" competition have been revealed: we’re between the best!

"LegeGo" participated in the "European Sails 2022" competition for the best European Union investment projects initiated by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania. We’re between the best!

Thank you for supporting. There is not much left to the finish line. The final winners will be announced on October 27th during the 14th edition of the Best EU Investment Projects Awards "European Sails 2022".

Our nomination is "For the most interesting small business projects". This nomination is looking for non-traditional small business projects that create products, brands or services that have not been seen in the market before.

About the new travel platform "LegeGo"

"LegeGo" is an original travel platform for people who love traveling and sharing travel impressions on social media. The platform is created by the start-up "Market P2S" and aims to create an artificial intelligence assistant and planner with a prototype application for travelers. The user will travel comfortably, share information in real time, download tour VR guides, create a route for a future trip, exchange reviews, see nearby entertainment and translate texts into different languages.

Join us on Facebook live on October 27th ➡

©ES investicijos Lietuvoje photo.



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