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The PWA of Legego: more than 54,097 customer websites were using PWAs in 2023 and numbers are growing

Did you know that the number of smartphone users in the world today is 6.93 Billion, which translates to 85.68% of the world’s population owning a smartphone? We use the internet connection on our smartphones to browse different websites and media resources every day. We use apps to make our everyday life easier, we travel, we communicate, we create. Legego, the revolutionary new travel platform aiming to reinvent the way people travel, is choosing to build the Progressive Web Application (PWA). It’s the next big thing in the market. So, what’s PWA and its benefits for Legego?

The PWA is one of a type of web app that can operate both as a web page and mobile app on any device. The well-known companies that use PWAs to boost their performance – “Starbucks”, “Uber”, “Pinterest”, “Forbes”. That’s why Legego will be operated as PWA too. We are up for progress and innovations too. 

Also, the PWA market is projected to expand at the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 31.9% during the forecast period and reach a value of USD 10.44 Billion by 2027. PWAs are so easy and built to take advantage of native mobile device features, without requiring the end user to visit an app store, make a purchase and download software locally. 

PWAs can be uploaded to popular app marketplaces like AppStore and Google Play too. 

So why are we building a PWA of Legego? What’s the difference between a PWA and NMA (a Native Mobile App – such as iOS or Android)?



Only one app for all devices, which results in shorter time-to-market

Separate apps for different operating systems (iOS, Android)

Lower development and maintenance costs

More expensive to develop and maintain

There’s no need to submit your app for app store. (However, if you wish, you can easily do it.)

The process of launching the app in app store totally depends on the Publisher so you don’t know when and if the app will be published

The installation process is done fully by the browser, which increases the number of installations 

The installation process is multi-step and each addition step that user perform probably will cost you 20% customer drop-off

Updates are made automatically, there’s no need to push updates through app store

Needs systematic updates

Users can easily find PWA pages in Google 

No SEO benefits

Home-screen save option – PWA can be added to home screen directly from the browser

Needs to be found and download from App Store or Google Store

Push notifications available 

Push notifications available

Source: Vue Storefront

PWA market

PWA is gaining much popularity these days. 

Nowadays users become more satisfied with the loading speed, home screen access, extra security and data privacy, and offline mode. PWA refers to a strategy-based solution that combines the best of web and mobile app features. So, we chose to develop a PWA. We believe that our choice will help you to use our travel platform Legego simpler and easier. 

About Legego 


The start-up Legego is creating the revolutionary travel platform aiming to reinvent the way people travel. The Legego team consists of marketing and communications experts, programmers, researchers, media managers, illustrators, 3D graphic design and multimedia specialists, and UX designers. We want to awaken passion to travel, to establish a strong connection between fellow travelers, and to create a platform for solo-traveling people. 


The travel platform Legego is set to launch soon, and you will be able to purchase travel tours too.



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