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Travel blogger Lisi: “The benefits I see in Legogo – it can contribute to unique travel experiences”

We know that travel plays an important role in forcing us outside of our comfort zone and encouraging us to become a stronger, better version of ourselves. Traveling helps us find something new and communicate, connect with like-minded people too. “I like that LegeGo is a community-based platform. With the option for travels to monetize their travels. I'm looking forward to finding unique cultural experiences”, says travel blogger Lisi. Her unique experience shows how to be inspired by traveling and become the part of traveling community.

Our dear Lisi is from a small alpine village in Austria. As a child she was fascinated by leafing through atlases. “Foreign countries and cultures have always appealed to me. After I graduated in Innovation and Management in Tourism, I escaped the Austrian winter and explored a bit of Spain. However, I started to miss Austria and it's culture – something I never thought I would miss”, Lisi says.

Lisi’s passion to travel started in 2015, when she did her gap year. One year around the world, in 3 different countries at 3 different continents. It was her first solo backpack trip and was a jump into the deep end. “The first country that blew me away was New Zealand, not only because of the magnificent landscape but also because of the amazing people, it's cleanliness and safety. I never met such hospitable community”, she explains and admits that the Maori's, Fijians and Samoans received her with open hands and made her travel experience unique.

“My fascination is with foreign cultures, approaches to life, ideologies and cultural mindset”, and Lisi gives an example about culture differences, she explains that in Tanzania for instance, social life has a totally different status than in Austria. For example, “Tanzanians care more for each other, togetherness is very important. They have a very collectivist culture, whereas Austria has an individualist culture (Hofstede cultural dimensions). Cousins are seen as brothers and sisters for instance. Supporting the family financially is common, even if you are a grown up”.

But Lisi is fascinated about culture differences, they also challenge her. “In Tanzania for instance, I can’t just go walk around a city or wait for the bus and being undisturbed. No, the people keep trying to sell me something or want to engage me in small talk”, she agrees that it has its positive negative sides. It’s incredibly easy to make friends. But not always.

Lisi always, through travels, are gaining more cultural awareness and understanding, communicating. “Through my travels I got inspired to share my stories on my blog. My solo travels were challenging but I never felt in danger. Furthermore, my travels inspired me to travel consciously”, Lisi says that it's great to go with the flow and see what the moment brings than being stuck to a travel itinerary.

Lisi is an off the beaten track conscious adventurer traveler. “If it's hitchhiking in Mexico, paragliding in Montenegro, dumpster diving in New Zealand or going on a boat with strangers, I'm always up for the adventure”, she’s real adventure seeker, but a slow traveler too. As Lisi said, travels don't need to be always action.

As a travel blogger and as a passionate traveler Lisi travels a lot. As she was asked to share opinion about her favorite country or place that she would recommend to visit, she started thinking about lots of places and countries. “Just one? As mentioned earlier I really liked New Zealand. Also, Tanzania was unique, I would recommend everyone to travel to Africa at least once in their life, it's an eye-opening experience. In Europe, Sweden got my heart, the endless nature and emptiness was amazing, I just loved my time there”, Lisi’s actively traveling and expressing her experience on personal blog.

New ways are needed to make it easier for people to travel comfortably and easily. To express their experience, to connect with like-minded people and to become the part of traveler’s community. “The benefits I see in LegoGo are that it can contribute to unique travel experiences. And connect various people to share their ideas and experiences”, Lisi shares her thoughts about upcoming travel platform Legego and cannot wait to find the unique cultural experiences.

About Legego

The start-up Legego is creating the revolutionary new travel platform aiming to reinvent the way people travel. The Legego team consists of marketing and communications experts, programmers, researchers, media managers, illustrators, 3D graphic design and multimedia specialists, UX designers. We want to awaken people passion to travel, to establish a strong connection between fellow travelers, to create a platform for solo-traveling people. We are launching in 22 countries.

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