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A revolution in the high-tech market: “Legego” combines creativity and AI

Are you a blogger, tour operator or guide? So, “Legego” is for you – a revolutionary travel platform that aims to reinvent the way people travel. It offers you the best opportunity to have a passive income, reach a global audience, and enhance your creativity. The upcoming travel platform combines various keys to make traveling easier for all kinds of travelers, including bloggers, tour operators, and guides. Also, it's undeniable that high-tech has advanced significantly over the last few years, so “Legego” combines creativity and Artificial intelligence (AI) to offer opportunities to make traveling more fascinating.

Tools to enhance creativity

Every user will be able to create comprehensive online tours on travel platform “Legego”. Travel platform has powerful tools including photo and video editors and interactive storytelling – virtual guides – solutions to express experience with passion. “Legego” has tools to edit photos and videos like a real pro – it will improve the quality of the creator's content. The platform tools will assist in creating engaging, exceptional, and professional content. There will be a variety of features to choose from, including the ability to change photo size or video length, add text or special effects, and change fonts or colors.

Are you a music lover? Users will be able to add a music track from the special “Legego” music library on online their tours or use “Legego’s” new jingle for theirs online tours.

Passive income

Have you considered the idea that passive income can finance your adventures? It can. “Legego” will have a special Marketplace where users will sell theirs virtual travel tours and objects, or maybe purchase others' content globally. It’s a unique way to make money while traveling or having free time. You will have an opportunity to track your sales and contact with other travelers online. Reports about sales will be 24/7.

Also, “Legego” special marketplace can increase the awareness of your businesses, if you’re a blogger, tour operator or guide.

Reach the world

We’re a global travel platform. “Legego” is a great way to access global audience. We are launching in more than 20 countries. So, your content will be in your native or different languages: from French to German, from Lithuanian to Norwegian, from Greek to Spanish. AI will help you to speak for your audience widely.

“Legego” establishes a strong connection between fellow travelers and gathers a strong travelers’ community around the world. Travel platform offers free access to specific users through QR codes and allows them to share their experiences with others. Or share via social networks (“Facebook”, “Instagram”, “LinkedIn”, “Twitter” and etc.).

“Legego” and AI

We know that nowadays AI is number one in the high-tech industry. “Legego” keeps pace with trends and introduces numerous new solutions to its travel platform. First, “Legego” has a unique search system based on AI. It allows you to focus on individual characteristics of a person, such as physical activity, we add text–voice systems, and the Unity Multi-Language System for localization. It means that written and audio texts can be automatically presented to the user in different languages.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on the “Legego” is based on AI too. It will assist you in selecting the most effective keywords for your travel tour and increase your reach on our travel platform.

Also, AI will have the ability to detect plagiarism and identify illegal content. “Legego” is committed to protecting users and their rights. So, all travel creators can feel safe on our platform.

“Legego” is unique in the travel market, providing innovative solutions and awakening a passion to travel, create, share and earn. This platform aims to offer unique opportunities to individual users, such as real-time information sharing, virtual guides, travel itinerary creation, review exchange, and nearby attractions discovery.

About “Legego”

The start-up “Legego” is creating the revolutionary new travel platform aiming to reinvent the way people travel. The “Legego” team consists of marketing and communications experts, programmers, researchers, media managers, illustrators, 3D graphic design and multimedia specialists, UX designers. We want to awaken passion to travel, to establish a strong connection between fellow travelers, and to create a platform for solo-traveling people.

The travel platform “Legego” is set to launch soon. If you are a blogger, tour operator or guide, we invite you to become a part of “Legego”. Let’s talk about collaboration



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