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Where It All Started: LegeGo🌟

LegeGo is my dream. This idea has been with me for many years – from the first years of my studies. I’ve always wondered how great it would be to have an app for travelers, to help them experience new adventures”, – said Živilė Šimkienė, the LegeGo CEO and marketing expert. Her great team consists of marketing experts, programmers, researchers, communications and media managers, illustrators, 3D graphic design and multimedia specialists, UX designers in 2020 started developing the LegeGo app with her. There is already great interest in this unique and innovative app. So, where it all started?

„Happiness is only real when shared“, – admits Živilė

Always dream

„Inspire the motion!“, – that’s the motto of LegeGo. Živilė has been thinking about a travel app for a long time. She put together all her experience and knowledge. However, the very beginning was born in the days of her studies.

„My first specialty is a drama actress with a musical profile. We have staged a successful play that has toured around the world more than 20 French places, Israel, Poland, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Venezuela, Japan, Finland, Sweden, Norway. While I was traveling, I met a lot of interesting people. I have seen many beautiful cities in France. Arriving in the each city, we got to know the local people, the culture of the city. We visited the museums and sights of the cities too. I always wondered how I could share my impressions, my experience and knowledge with the whole world. The answer is LegeGo“, – Živilė shared her memories.

Share experiences with others

Through her life experience, Živilė, CEO of LegeGo, a marketing expert, realized that people love traveling and share their experiences. „During the COVID-19 pandemic, guides can’t be in three places at once, they are losing potential orders. Today, not only guides but also travelers can share their information face to face, and online. Others who want to discover niche places can find different trips too.

„Happiness is only real when shared“, – admits Živilė. She organized a trip on the exclusive raft Nemo for her loyal team in the summer of 2020. She wanted that the whole team know what she experienced during her 17 years of studying with the theatre troupe. Experience those sensations that you could transfer to the app. „Where I settle, I am there for a long time“, – smiles Živilė. „I wish, that everyone could find passion to travel, create, share and earn!“

A unique app

LegeGo – is an app that has no analogues on the market. The exclusive stories, tours, and attractions will be created by bloggers, tour guides and operators, and other travelers. A great opportunity to make money while traveling or having free time. In one app travelers can find photo & video editors, lots of AR features & QR codes. This is the unique app for self-sufficient travelers.

The marketing expert

Živilė is docent and marketing expert. Since 2007, she is head of an advertising and marketing agency “Market P2S”, working in digital marketing, is professional at SEO and Google Ads, and has been implemented a number of great ideas and successful information terminals during her career. Živilė has been working with world-renowned brands – “LUKOIL”, “4MAMA & BABIES”, “APTAMIL”, “Ogmios centras”, “SAISEI Lithuania”, “Ogmios miestas”, “Domus galerija”, “MILUPA” and etc.

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